where to buy barberries

If you are going to trade the barberries and other crops it’s better to buy them in bulk .  you can buy barberries  from farmers in cities such as South Khorasan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz,  Bandar Abbas and Tehran and so forth. Barberries are a rich source of vitamin C. Barberry also contains vitamin B, such as thiamine and minerals such as zinc.

where to buy barberries

buy barberries with high quality

buy barberries with high quality The barberries have some elements that have great medicinal value. This chemical is used as an antibiotic to kill bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Fruit, stem and bark of barberry root contain chemicals such as alkaloids and isoquinoline that are effective in treating various diseases. Barberry is one of the most used medicinal plants. Small red fruits of this plant are used in most people’s tables.

 More barberries are used to prepare some foods such as:

  • barberry jam
  • barberry sauce
  • barberry cake
  • barberry pickles 
  • barberry juice 

In addition to its nutritional properties, the pigments in the wood and bark of the barberry plant are also used to dye leather and wool.

Quality barberry produced in Iran also has medicinal properties

1.  helps treat inflammation and infection

2.  helps treat urinary tract infections

3. used to help treat gastrointestinal infections

4. Useful throat for throat

5. Useful for diarrhea treatment

6.   improves digestion

7. Hazelnut acts as a home remedy for food poisoning

8. Works for blood sugar control

9.  prevents diabetes

10. controls cholesterol levels

11. Useful for immune system

12. Useful for heart health

13.   fight metabolic syndrome

14. A detoxification agent

15. Eye Health Benefits

16. Liver Cleansing Procedures

17.Works for the treatment of skin disorders

18.  stimulates the production of white blood cells

19. useful for the treatment of anemia

20. r Useful for Regular Menstruation in Women

21.  optimizes iron absorption

22.  lower blood pressure

23. Improves side effects of chemotherapy

24. Works to improve blood flow

buy barberries wholesale distributors

buy barberries wholesale distributors Refer to the distributors of this product, which they generally sell in bulk, to buy barberry so you can experience the best buy.

In fact, wholesale purchasing from distributors creates competitive advantage for the product and with the proper distribution of the product in the domestic market will result in customer satisfaction.

Producers by planting this product domestically have had a prominent role in national production and have achieved enormous export gains. The top sale Anari Barberry in today’s  competitive worldو Iran has taken a major step in growing the economy and boost production.

At present Airat is one of the top producers of Berberis crataegina among the disputed countries and this quality product has many fans in the neighboring countries.

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