wholesale suppliers of Organic Barberries dried

Barberry is one of the most used medicinal plants. Small red fruits of this plant are used in most people’s tables. Barberry, barberry jam, barberry sauce, barberry cake, barberry pickle and even barberry juice are familiar names that have interesting flavors, tastes and properties. In addition to its nutritional properties, the pigments in the wood and bark of the barberry plant are also used to dye leather and wool. Much has been said about the healing properties of barberry, for example American Indians have used barberry for blood diseases, tuberculosis, anorexia, kidney disease, rheumatism, wounds, and injuries. if you want to know about Organic Barberries dried, Dried seedless barberry, Organic Wild Barberries; stay with us.

wholesale suppliers of Organic Barberries dried

Organic Barberries dried wholesale suppliers

Organic Barberries dried wholesale suppliers Iranian barberry is traded in various markets but the price of barberry is determined in the wholesale centers of Birjand, Qaenat and Mashhad.

Since the center of production of barberry is south of Khorasan, prices in these markets are lower than other wholesale markets. Khorasani barberry, which is referred to as edible barberry in articles, sources and scientific books, is just a special shrub. But the various methods that have been used for drying barberry for a long time have led to the dry barberry being marketed in a variety of wholesale markets.

As you may have heard, barberries are marketed under the names of pomegranate seeds and powdery mildew. These two types of barberry are the best known dry barberry species while other dry barberry are produced in South Khorasan which are less known due to their apparent similarity or low production amount.

In the harvest season of barberry, which begins around the end of September each year, either by hitting the tree branch or harvesting it, the barberry is removed from the tree. Barberry in the wholesale center They then spread the barberry in the open air under the sun, and for a few days the barberry is roasted daily by the Charsakh to dry out all the barberry seeds. In this method drying will damage some of the barberry seeds and cause rupture. However, some creative farmers use barley as a substitute to prevent damage to barberry. Pomegranate seed is slightly darker than other types of barberry because it is dried under direct sunlight.

Organic Barberries dried wholesale vendors

Organic Barberries dried wholesale vendors In wholesale markets, the price of barberry depends on many factors. For example, one month after the harvest season, when the volume of barberry is high in the market, we see prices fall. Of course, in terms of quality and moisture the price of the varieties of barberry varied.

But Birjand and Mashhad as the two main hubs of barberry in the country, are the most primitive choices that may come to the minds of many of its major customers. In these two markets different qualities can be found in terms of barberry, coarse or fine, fresh or old, packing or bulk, and the like. But the methods of buying and selling, even in the most basic of ways, are changing dramatically today, and the use of the Internet for this is becoming more and more serious every day.