Iran Top Puffy Barberry on Sale

what are the Iran top barberry puffy? since , in addition to quality indicators, various factors such as supply and demand, government policies, etc. are efficient in determining  price of barberry, you can contact the sales managers.

Iran Top Puffy Barberry on Sale

Can we cultivate barberries in all parts of the world?

Can we cultivate barberries in all parts of the world? Spain is one of the countries with a significant export volume of Iranian barberry. If you want to import barberry into Spain directly from Iran, there are some important things to consider regarding quality and packaging. Export quality barberry must be carefully sorted and free of all foreign matter.

Sand, leaves, wood, tails, twigs and hair are the most common foreign materials, often present at high export loads.

But some barberry producers, with 100% sorted products, remove all this material from the barberry and bring it back to a standard. In addition, the moisture content should be at a normal level. Not only Pofaki barberry, but also Anari barberry may have a color problem:

The bright red color shows the good quality of the appearance, so you should keep this bright color. If the packaging is not suitable for barberry, a color change will occur. Some hygiene problems also occur due to poor packaging. In bulk, as you can see in the photo, the company Artin Barberry uses fabric. This packaging method not only increases the shelf life of the barberry, but also avoids direct contact of the product with the carton.

Why Iranian barberry is the best in the world?

Why Iranian barberry is the best in the world? Iran is the largest producer of seedless barberry in edible varieties. Seed barbers often grow in the forest and a small percentage are produced in orchards. But most of the cultivated area of ​​edible red barberry is found south of Khorasan Province.

The cities of Birjand and Qa’enat have the highest levels of seedless red barberry cultivation. The harvest season in this region of the country begins in late summer and continues until the end of November.

In recent years, a considerable amount of Iranian barberry has been used for export worldwide. Which companies export barberry to Spain? Do you know Artinnuts?

Iranian dried berberis vulgaris

In fact, there are several ways to dry barberry. These different methods of producing dried barberry make it available for sale in a variety of markets.

As mentioned in the previous section, the price of cheap barberry depends on different quality items.

In addition to the parameters mentioned above, water content and pesticide residues are two other key parameters for determining the quality of barberry. Together, these determine the final price for barberry.

Most barberries marketed in Iran have high humidity and high moisture content. But the exported barberry shouldn’t be like that at all.