Cheap Puffy Barberry on Sale at Cheap Price

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Cheap Puffy Barberry on Sale at Cheap Price

Estimate future prices of puffy barberry

Estimate future prices of puffy barberry Puffed barberry, also known in international markets as Air-dried barberry or Puffy barberry, is known as the most luxurious type of dried barberry. The main reason for this quality is the drying of fresh barberry.

To produce puffed barberry, first the barberry is harvested with a branch and then the barberry branches are placed in the shed as a hall or hanging. Fresh barberry in this case is in contact with the air in all directions, and due to the slow release of moisture after a few months, barberry retains its puffy state.

In addition to its puffy state, puffed barberry has a clear red color that is very beautiful and visible.
At the end of this article, a video of how to produce and process puffed barberry can be seen in this collection. With several years of experience in the production and processing of barberry in the production hub of this product, this center is one of the largest centers for buying and selling barberry in Iran. Expanded.

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Demand for puffy barberry on global market

Demand for puffy barberry on global market The cities of Mashhad and Tehran are two of the largest consumers of barberry in Iran. The trading volume of this product in these two cities is very high. In these cities, in addition to barberry consumption for the people and restaurants, a large volume is sold for various industries and exports.

Many exporters and traders go to the wholesale markets of these two cities to buy bulk barberry and buy their desired product. But the price of barberry is usually higher in these cities than in the cities that produce it, such as Iranian barberry and Birjand. Therefore, buying from first-hand centers and processing barberry in South Khorasan province is much more affordable in terms of high tonnage.

The most important barberry cultivars traded in these markets are puffed barberry and pomegranate seeds. These two types of barberry have the highest demand among the major buyers of this product. The wholesale of puffed barberry in different regions is done by barberry distribution centers, but the most important thing when buying is to guarantee the price and barberry grades of the product. Due to the fact that barberry fraud in high tonnage purchases is difficult to detect, buying from reputable and first-hand centers is a very good option.