Premium Quality Barberries for Export in Bulk

primium barberries is exported to many countries around the world, and exporters try to choose the best varieties of this product for their work. Barberry has been produced as a very good agricultural product in our country and its prosperous export has made many exporters think of exporting different types of barberry abroad.

Premium Quality Barberries for Export in Bulk

Leading supplier and exporter of barberry from Iran

Leading supplier and exporter of barberry from Iran Due to the fact that barberry is one of the strategic products of South Khorasan province and nowhere else in the world this product is produced by garden method and in this volume, almost every country in the world that wants to buy first-hand barberry must order it from Iran.

Data should be exported from Iran. First class barberry prices vary for domestic consumption and export consumption. Depending on the order, barberry type, details and methods of delivery and payment will vary.

Dry and Barberry Production and Trading Group of our collection is a major seller and first-hand producer of this product in the region.

Iran is one of the largest barberry producers in the world due to the favorable climate for the production of this agricultural product.

This product has many therapeutic uses. Due to the widespread desire and general popularity of herbal medicines, it can be expected that the consumption of barberry will increase day by day and will find its place in the shopping cart of the people.

The balance of production and exports is important in any commodity. If production is not as much as domestic consumption, then it will not be possible to export it. Therefore, exports of barberry must pay special attention to its production. Due to this issue, we have been able to export this product by producing and meeting domestic needs.

Who is the only barberry suppliers for export in Iran that can provide first-class quality of this product permanently? At what price is this export product marketed?

Organic barberry in Iran is officially found only in the province of South Khorasan and the Qaenat region. In this province, several orchards have been fully tested and their tree roots have been sampled. During which the organicness of their final product can be verified during organic processing.

How long can premium barberries last?

How long can premium barberries last? Fresh barberry can be frozen. It has a high durability in a cool and dry place.

To wash a bowl, it is preferable to choose a high height. We pour enough barberry juice to cover the surface of the water. After 1-2 minutes, take your hand under the barberry and drain it very slowly. Then we put it on a clean cloth and freeze the moisture that was taken.

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