Premium Barberries Wholesale Price in 2020

Premium barberry is more commonly known as dried fruit in Iran and is known as dried fruit, but its consumption has gradually increased in recent years. The bulk purchase of high-quality premium barberry in the markets of Ghana, primium barberries, Mashhad and Tehran is very prosperous. These markets are known as the main sources for determining the price of barberry.

Premium Barberries Wholesale Price in 2020

Cheapest places to buy premium barberries in bulk

Cheapest places to buy premium barberries in bulk Italy is a country in Europe that has a good volume of imports and exports with Iran due to the prevailing political conditions. Most of Iran’s exports to this country belong to the metal industry. Of the agricultural products, pistachio kernels account for the largest share of exports to the country, with an annual trading volume of nearly $ 6 million. But another agricultural product that can have a large volume of exports to this country is barberry.

In recent years, with the popularity of this product in the world and its widespread use in various industries, its exports to Italy have increased sharply. The main consumption of barberry in this country is for restaurants and food industries. Khorasan red barberry, as a pure Iranian product, can be very colorful in the field of export and has a suitable market in the field of trade in Iranian barberries such as Italy and other countries.

98% of edible red barberry is produced in Iran and almost South Khorasan province is the only region in the world that produces this product as a garden. Of course, in Iran, in addition to red barberry, black barberry is also produced, which has a much lower production rate than red barberry, and red barberry has a much higher trading volume. Italy is the fifth most populous best barberries to buy in continental Europe. There are strict rules for food imports in this country, so the export of organic barberry, which is the exclusive product of Iran, is very suitable.

Shiny Red barberries wholesale price

Shiny Red barberries wholesale price Barberry exports have been steadily rising in recent years, and this increase in demand and exports has pushed up the price of this product in recent years. Of course, the most important parameter affecting the increase in barberry prices in the last two years is the multiplication of the dollar. But the price of barberry 99 has been accompanied by a decrease, the main reason being the sharp decline in market demand. The main reason for this decrease in demand is the recession in the domestic and international markets caused by the coronavirus. For example, the wholesale price of puffed barberry has decreased from about 78 thousand tomans in 1998 to about 68 thousand tomans in 1999. This high quality barberriesof about 10 high-quality barberries Tomans has been unprecedented in its kind.