Popular Dane Anari Barberry from Asia

Buying first-rate barberry is usually more at the beginning of the harvest season when the barberry is more fresh and tasty. Dane Anari Barberry is cheaper than other types of barberries. Dane Anari Barberry is dried directly under sunlight. This way of drying makes the barberry seeds darker in color. In addition to the domestic market, Iran’s Dane anari barberry has a significant export volume.

Popular Dane Anari Barberry from Asia

Who are the biggest buyers of barberries?

Who are the biggest buyers of barberries?The following countries are the biggest buyer of Iranian barberries:

  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iraq
  • Romania

Other countries that buy Iranian barberry usually buy other barberry.

Germany, for example, is the main buyer of Iranian barberry, but in that country some drug manufacturers of beverages and pastries prefer to buy Dane anari barberry.

So in addition to the country of destination, the type of use and application is also effective in determining the type of barberry to buy.

In Khorasan province, as the Iranian barberry production hub, dried barberry varieties are produced and exported to domestic and export markets. Dried barberries in this region have different types.

These varieties are marketed at different months of the year as their production process differs in terms of method and time. Purchase of anari barberries has a high volume due to its low prices in Iran, especially in low-income cities.

How is the business of barberries in the world?

How is the business of barberries in the world?Cheap barberry trade in the world has high profits. Barberry is used most often in cooking different kinds of food. Other uses of  barberry include the production of jams, syrups, pickles, muskets, etc.

Barberry and its activists have not lagged behind other guilds, and in recent years, with the boom of the Internet and social networking, they have been selling large volumes of their products in person.

There are usually several steps you need to take to buy from a barber shop in the other city:

  • Make a phone call
  • Get the price of different products in different quality
  • Send product image to customer
  • Send sample of load to customer
  • Confirm all items
  • Send load in high volume

But the usual way of selling barberry online and offline is as above. In addition to the distribution of barberry throughout the country, the collection includes a large volume of products for export to other countries.

For export barberry to other countries, the type of use and its application must first be determined. To buy varieties of barberry, especially for export, one has to consider the following parameters:

  • Moisture content
  • Amount of pesticides remaining
  • The amount of ash
  • Percentage tail
  • The amount of foreign material in the load

Each of these items has a standard number, which must be sampled in bulk by the customs agent when exporting the barberry.