Pofaki Barberry wholesale distributors

Pofaki Barberry is a type of barberry that actually differs from regular barberry in the way it is processed and is not a specific breed of barberry . Pofaki barberry is the best type of barberry in iran .

Pofaki Barberry wholesale distributors

Pofaki Barberry Applications

Pofaki Barberry Applications Organic dried wild barberries add a sour punch to a number of iranian and persian- inspired dishes . Dried barberries are available in iranian stores and middle eastern stores . They keep well in an airtight container , or in the freezer , and will need to be picked over for stalks and washes before using .

To produce the organic barberries the branches of the plant is being cut , off with the fruit on it and then it will be put in a place with continuous air stream from four sides . The drying process normally takes 4 to 5 months . After the barberries are dried they are being separated from the branches by a machine and then passed through a vaccum machine to remove foreign objects . The color of this type is light red the shape stays bloated and is more healtheir . Scientists and researchers have studied these compounds for many years , and found that they actually have antibiotic properties . Some of them lower fever , reduce swelling and blood pressure , and regulate heart rate and heart muscle contractions help .

affecting factors on quality of Pofaki Barberry

affecting factors on quality of Pofaki Barberry Barberry , like any other export product is affected by various parameters and its price is constantly changing due to these parameters . Harvest season is the first parameter affecting the price of barberry , certainly every product in its harvest season has price shocks and due to the abundance of sex in the market , its price is slightly reduced . Although barberry is a product that is produced in the domestic market , but under the influence of the international exchange rate , its price in the market is variable , and if the exchange rate increases , we can expect an increase in the price of this product .

The type of packaging and what packaging we give the barberry to the customer affects the daily price of the product . Sometimes the customer wants the barberry in a regular carton . The price tag has changed and will definitely go up . Wild barberry is a shrub with long blades and oval leaves with sawdust and its fruit can be harvested from mid-summer to autumn . Wild barberry in the from of shrubs about four meters high , sometimes taller , with one-year-old branches of various colors , yellowing to brown with deep grooves , often bright , are finally earthy .