Best Quality Iranian Barberry at Reasonable Price

If you want to know how to identify  and buy the best quality Iranian barberry at a reasonable price you come to the right place. These little red gems are incredibly useful in many things, its hard to find a non-dried version of them, read the following article  to find out more about organic barberries and cheap barberries to buy in our website.

Best Quality Iranian Barberry at Reasonable Price

How many producers of barberries are there in Iran?

How many producers of barberries are there in Iran?over 500 Iranian  companies  farm harvest and export the barberries  to other countries  ., according to market researchers Iran produce more than 97% of total barberries produced in the world of this 97% almost 90% of total export are from Khorasan province, the estimate production of best quality Iranian barberry is1980 tons (dried) at 2019 which almost 1800t of its export to countries like Russia china united state and most middle eastern countries.

the producing of high-quality barberry at reasonable price require a non-humid and dry environment which is only found on tropical areas of the world even tho most of the countries in tropical line can produce high-quality barberry but the traditional ways of growing barberry like in Khorasan province can not  be applied there that’s why Iran will be a top producer of high-quality barberry in the world for future years.

Demand for best quality barberries in 2020

Demand for best quality barberries in 2020 the demand for best quality barberries especially the Iranian barberries is growing very fast in 2020, more of the restaurant and the American European cuisine is understanding and finding a new way to use barberry in the dishes there sour and punchy taste is giving the dish uniqueness like and remembering the taste. in 2019 an article was written about the benefits of using barberries for decreasing cholesterol in blood was published, after that, the demand for high-quality barberries start to grow in the united state.

barberries required a dry and low ph solid to grow efficiently which is only possible in tropical and non-humid areas that’s why the demand for importing instead of growing high-quality barberries in 2020 is growing ever since in Europe and united state. Several species of Berberis are popular garden shrubs, grown for such features as ornamental leaves, yellow flowers, or red or blue-black berries. Numerous cultivars and hybrids have been selected for garden use. Low-growing Berberis plants are also commonly planted as pedestrian barriers which none of them can grow outside of Iran. you can find all of the barberries mentioned above on our website at the best price possible online.