Top Quality Barberry Puffy from Iran at Cheap price

Buying barberry puffy from Iran with excellent quality for export to other countries has a large volume. The main customers of Iranian barberry puffy are Germany, Canada, Italy and Australia. In Iran, dried barberry is produced in different types, the most important of which are dane anari and barberry puffy. Puffy barberry has the best quality among barberry varieties. This type of barberry has a bright red color and its seeds are completely swollen.

Top Quality Barberry Puffy from Iran at Cheap price

Specifications of high quality Iranian barberries

Specifications of high quality Iranian barberries One of the characteristics of high quality barberry is the low percentage of crushed grains in transportation. This low percentage also occurs during the beginning of the season among barberry seeds.

The production process of puffy barberry is longer than other types. Depending on the weather conditions, it takes about 3 to 5 months to produce puffed barberry.

Organic barberry in Iran has a very wide export market. Different European countries, Canada, Australia and the United States have the largest volume of dried puffed barberry exports. red Large barberry has been sold more in Iranian, Afghan and Arabic-language stores in recent years, but now has a much wider market.

This vast market, as well as the variety of applications, are the two main reasons for the increase in the export volume of puffy barberry in Iran.

Export puffy barberry must be free of any foreign substances such as tails, twigs, leaves and… . In addition, export puffy barberry must have a low moisture content. If the moisture content is higher than this, the probability of changing the color of barberry increases over time.

Famous brands of puffy barberry in Iran

Famous brands of puffy barberry in IranThe main center of production of famous brands of puffed barberry in Iran is in South Khorasan province. Iran is known as the largest producer of edible barberry in the world. Among the types of edible barberry, the largest production is related to large red barberry.

Red barberry has many and varied uses, the main of which is the use of this product in the preparation of a variety of traditional and modern foods.

Other uses for red barberry include:

  • Use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Prepare concentrates and produce a variety of beverages
  • Used in the production of cakes and pastries
  • Used in the preparation of chocolate, candy and ice cream
  • Tobacco production

There are other applications for this product, but consumption in that area is less than other applications.

This product is more common in eastern Iran. In other words, its production hub is South Khorasan.

The cities of Qaenat, Zirkuh and Birjand have the highest area under red barberry cultivation.