Top Quality Barberry Producer

Dried barberry is an ideal export product whose price is determined in Iran. Due to the fact that this product is exclusive to Iran, Top Quality Barberry global price has not been determined by foreign customers yet. Barberry has a fixed price list due to the fact that no specific standard has been defined for its export. If you need a price list of Ghaenat or Birjand dry barberry , you can contact our collection. It should be noted that our commercial products have the best quality.

Top Quality Barberry Producer

Top Quality Barberry Specifications

Top Quality Barberry Specifications Barberry can develop to be a genuinely huge bush. The prickly shoots are discovered developing wild in Alborz mountain amplitudes and different pieces of Iran. Ruby is the name given to seedless barberry which is developed in Qaenat and rises up out of an erect bush of 1.5-2 meters tall. The leaves are little oval which are borne in groups other than thistles. Its yellow wonderful and alluring blossoms incorporate 6 sepals, 6 petals, and 6 fibers and its pistil comprise of a fiber ending in a short style. Blooming happens from mid-April to May. The natural product is an elongated red berry 7-10mm long and 3mm wide, maturing in yearly branches and opposes water lack, dry spell, and saltiness. The plant is south Khorasan atmosphere inviting item.

The plant leaves, bark, and wood contain Berberine which is profoundly harmful. The bark contains 1.7 Berberine while leaves and wood contain a lower grouping of this alkaloid. Hints of another alkaloid called oxyacanthine alongside a quintessence have additionally been found in barberry bloom. Germ and base of the plant contain a kind of sugar, sap materials, gelatin, and adhesive. Root barks other than oxyacanthine contain different alkaloids called 2-berberine palmatine, Columbamine vegetates rosisin.

Affecting Factors on Price of Top Quality Barberry

Affecting Factors on Price of Top Quality Barberry Premium Quality Barberry is more expensive due to its higher quality, and pomegranate seed barberry is usually cheaper. It is interesting to know that the best barberry in Iran is produced in South Khorasan, especially Birjand and Ghana. As a result, dried barberry in Ghaenat also has many global customers.
Let’s take a look at the parameters that affect the global price of high barberry:

  •     The production rate in Iran
  •     The number of barberry exports abroad
  •     Type of supply of goods (packaging or bulk)
  •     Barberry type (red puff or pomegranate seeds)
  •     Product quality
  •     And…

Normally, each of the above parameters alone can have a big impact on price fluctuations.
For example, in 1995, with the increase in foreign demand and the decrease in inventory in Iran, the price of red barberry set unprecedented records. The type of product is the most important parameter affecting the global price of barberry.
Some businesses change their global price list when there are different product standards.