Buy Anari Barberry with Great Prices

In Iran there are two types of barberry in South Khorasan province: pomegranate seed and barberry puff. The most consumed barberry in Iran as a food flavor is actually a seasoning. The difference between Puffy Barberry and Pomegranate Seed is how they are dried after harvest. Barberry puffs take a long time for dry to need , so they are more expensive. In the following we will learn more information about the price of pomegranate barberry and its other properties and how Buy Anari Barberry.

Buy Anari Barberry with Great Prices

What are the anari barberries and where to find?

What are the anari barberries and where to find?anari barberries is a dried crop of red barberry that after harvest is dried and has large and high quality seeds and is free of any impurities. The most important stage of barberry processing is drying, which means removing excess moisture from fresh fruit in order to prolong the life of the barberry and the shelf life of the barberry.It is interesting to know that Barberry bush grows in many countries and in Khorasan Province. IranKhorasan province is the largest producer of this amazing fruit in the world.Interestingly, 95% of the world’s barberry is produced in Iran.The share of Cainat is 97% of the entire country. So it can be said that the monopoly of this fruit in the world is in the hands of cainats.Barberry is a kind of cooked fruit and is used in cooking.Pomegranate Barberry is actually low water and is used to produce barberry juice.iranian barberries is a fruit that has many medicinal properties and is useful and helpful in preventing anemia and heart disease.

Most sold types of barberries on global market

Most sold types of barberries on global market Where are most whoelsale of barberries  on global market?

Iranian barberry has been exported to 30 countries including Austria , Germany, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Chile, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and Germany has been the largest buyer of barberry from Iran.

Iran is one of the largest producers of barberry in the world and despite the high production of barberry, we have a small share of exports to different countries due to the unknown properties of this valuable product among the people of the world.


Because barberry has many medicinal properties, but people around the world know little about this product, which has led to low demand for its product and low export.


If the global export market of this product thrives and people around the world become familiar with the properties of this valuable product, exporting this product in addition to high economic profits for the country,  will benefit the people of the world.

Due to the geographical possibilities of barberry production in Iran and the possibility of cultivation of this crop in the tropical regions and high harvesting capacity of this crop in Khorasan, especially in Ghaemshahr city, it can be ranked first in the production and export of this crop.