Organic Dried Wild Barberries Exporter

Organic dried wild barberries  is one of the edible plants which belongs to the barberry family. Wild barberry in the form of shrubs about four meters high, sometimes taller, with one-year-old branches of various colors, yellowing to brown with deep grooves, often bright, eventually gray. The thorns are one to 3.5 cm long, sturdy, erect, simple or three-branched in the long branches, sometimes five-branched, and less pale than the branches.

Organic Dried Wild Barberries Exporter

Compare prices of Organic Dried Wild Barberries

Compare prices of Organic Dried Wild Barberries The price of high mountain barberry is different for different purposes, and if someone needs to export this product, the product usually has its own price, and if the product is needed for domestic purchase and sale, the price of the product will be different.

Barberry is like many ideal Iranian products that we have seen in the major markets in the world market over the years.

Due to the fact that mountain barberry, like many dried fruits in our country, is known, as a result, it has many customers all over the world.

Although mountain barberry does not have a special organic certificate, it is produced in forests and mountains without any industrial input due to the growth of this product.

The price of high quality barberry depends on   different parameters, including:

  1. Product harvest rate
  2. Export rate of goods
  3. Product quality
  4. City supplier of goods
  5. Customer purchase rate
  6. Package type, it depends.

buy barberries helps with many diseases Including:

Acne, psoriasis and itching are some skin conditions that can occur Treat with disinfectants, because barberry contains antibacterial and antifungal drugs.

Organic Dried Wild Barberries Maintenance

Organic Dried Wild Barberries Maintenance Dried barberry, which is mostly used in domestic markets and restaurants, is stored in cold stores for a long time, and its varieties are not distinct in this respect.

Fresh barberry is only available to consumers in the harvest season,  because many people still do not recognize it as a fruit. But most people in the cities of Qaen and Birjand and Khorasan province, as well as Tehran, consume this fruit fresh or barberry juice. The rest of the barberry is dried for consumption throughout the year so that it can be used away from pests and damage over time.

Dried barberry varieties called pomegranate seeds and puff pastry should be stored in such a way that its moisture is maintained as permitted and does not dry out without water. On the other hand, it should not be under pressure because it will rupture and damage the fruit.

The fruit is cleaned of insect and fungal eggs during drying, but sometimes after washing it still remains something that must be barberry in cool air that prevents the growth of these eggs and fungi and spoilage.

dried barberries buy It is used to treat inflammation and improve all kinds of infections in the body. Barberry is effective in curing bladder infections, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal infections. The effect of barberry fruit in the fight against urinary tract infections is greater than its root. Barberry helps relieve sore throats, nasal congestion, treat sinusitis and improve bronchitis, and some other common respiratory ailments. Another property of barberry is that it helps to treat infections caused by Candida skin fungus.

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