High Quality Iranian Organic Barberries for Export

Organic barberry exports from Iran can be very profitable for this country and create tremendous currency. because we are ranked first in the world in terms of production and quality. Of course, this will require advertising. Barberry is a plant with red fruit and is very popular, which unfortunately, despite its properties and benefits, has no colorful place in the consumer basket of Iranian households and is mostly used for decoration and with all kinds of rice. We continue this article to High-quality Barberries, persian special fruit, rare barberries and barberry suppliers We will talk to you.

High Quality Iranian Organic Barberries for Export

Best way to know quality of barberries

Best way to know quality of barberries What are the solutions for diagnosing high quality barberry? What to do to buy these products at a cheap price? Barberry has different types, most of which are made of two types of puff pastry and pomegranate. These two types are mainly distributed for different uses in the markets of different provinces.

Barberry has different varieties that are grown all over the world. The most important types of barberry are:

  • Crimson barberry
  • Barberry Zalzalki
  • Japanese barberry
  • Khorasan Barberry
  • Barberry right cluster

Among the barberry family mentioned above, more than 95% of edible barberry products are related to Iran. This is due to the hot and dry climate of the eastern regions of Iran.

Khorasani barberry: The area under cultivation of barberry and saffron is more than other crops in South Khorasan province. Saffron is well known in foreign markets, but barberry is a product that has recently found its way into international markets.

There are different types of barberry produced in Khorasan. Here are three main types:

  • Pomegranate seed barberry
  • Puff pastry
  • Barberry under the hall

Barberry harvest season in Khorasan begins almost in early autumn.

How to identify quality barberry: Since barberry is a crop, don’t expect all the barberry you grow in a garden to be the same. This difference is clearer in barberry in a region and a city. For this reason, special parameters and criteria must be used to measure the quality of barberry. One of the methods used to detect barberry, which is often used for export cargo, is laboratory analysis.

In this analysis, various parameters are tested, the most important of which are:

  • Crushing
  • foreign material
  • Narcissus
  • With a tail
  • Humidity
  • Appearance

There are other instances of this, the full list of which is detailed in Article 3337 of the Food and Drug Administration. Of course, in order to buy and sell in Iran, it is not possible to receive this analysis from the laboratory every time because its costs are high. However, its quality can be measured approximately by the appearance of the load.

Iranian barberry Suppliers and dealers

Iranian barberry Suppliers and dealers Who are the barberry sellers? Our business has conducted extensive research in the field of production and trade of various types of dried fruits produced in Khorasan, and during this research, we have achieved results, which we present to you.

Given the content of this content, it is of course best to address where the best barberry in the country is produced and where the best sellers are. South Khorasan barberry is the best option for international trade, and if you are familiar with Qaenat, the best type of barberry in South Khorasan is barberry, which is produced in Ghaen. You can contact our experts for more information and to place an order.