Buy dried Anari Barberry

Pomegranate seed barberry is harvested in the fall and dried in the sun. Due to its attractive color and delicious taste, this fruit has decorative properties along with its unique properties and is used as a food additive in many Iranian dishes. It is sometimes used to make a variety of sauces, dried Anari Barberry, candies, jams, and juices.

Buy dried Anari Barberry

Important Features of dried Anari Barberry

Important Features of dried Anari Barberry Pomegranate seed barberry is a description of how to dry and the quality of barberry. Immediately after harvest, this type of barberry is spread on a surface while not yet detached from the branch, and exposed to direct sunlight to dry. In order to get a uniform product, they constantly turn it upside down and move it, which prevents the carrots from rotting. After drying, the barberry is blown away. This means that the leaves are separated from the barberry fruit twigs by the Organic Wild Barberries, then the barberry is kept in a cool place away from the sun so that the barberry can enter the cleaning and packaging process. Although buying barberry in the harvest season makes it cheaper, there are other things to consider.

When it comes to cheap barberry, there are two things to keep in mind. If you are talking about barberry that is cheaper than other types, you should buy pomegranate seed barberry from the 3 types of barberry mentioned above. This product is cheaper than other types due to its darker color.

Another feature of barberry pomegranate seeds is the presence of some crushed seeds in the middle of the load, which is quite natural according to the production method.  But sometimes in each type of barberry (puff pastry, pomegranate, sub-salad) we are looking for the cheapest possible price for bulk purchase. When buying in this way, as much as possible, one should try to communicate with the active producers in Ghana and Birjand. In this way, the intermediaries are largely eliminated and the price of barberry is closer to its real price.

Affecting factors on price of dried Anari Barberry

Affecting factors on price of dried Anari Barberry As mentioned, the timing and process of producing different types of barberry are different. In other words, the production process of pomegranate seed barberry is done in a shorter time than puffed barberry. The pomegranate seed supply season in domestic and export markets is almost every year since late November.

On the other hand, puffed barberry will be marketed approximately 3 to 4 months later, in February. It is noteworthy that puffed barberry, which is processed before Air Dried Barberry, is often less puffy than barberry in the next 2 to 3 months. This is why some customers, when buying puffed barberry in February and March, feel that the substrate barberry is mixed with puffed barberry. However, this is due to the early removal of puffed barberry from the shelves in the hall.

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