Anari Barberry Directly from Producer

applicants and traders can buy anari barberry directly from producer in bulk. in this article you will earn profitable information about types of barberries and how to buy these products in bulk. so stay with us.

Anari Barberry Directly from Producer

Purchase method of Anari Barberry

Purchase method of Anari Barberry Barberry is called anari seed, which means barberry that is harvested more immediately after harvest. pofaki barberry, the harvest of which is cut by the branch method. And these horns, along with the barberry on them during the winter months, are gradually kept in the soles and special warehouses and gradually lose their moisture and have a high quality and a lot of customers.

Some farmers add paraffin to the barberry to make it shiny. Although this makes barberry customer-friendly, it shortens its lifespan. Barberry can be easily stored for a year. But if paraffin is applied to it, it will spoil in three to four months.

Barberry produced is usually used in the markets of different cities. The most important use of this product is the famous barberry pilaf, but its jam and soda are also delicious. Barberry drink is traditionally produced. In other countries, barberry is said to be used as a food coloring and seasoning. barberry suppliers provide variety of grades of these products in bulk. bulk buyers can buy just contact to our expert sale.

Anari Barberry Specifications

Anari Barberry Specifications It is interesting to know that pofaki barberry and anari seed barberry do not differ from each other in the principle of the product, and the only difference between them is the method of drying barberry. anari seed barberries are separated from the branches at the beginning of the harvest season and spread on the ground to dry.

In contrast, barberry pofaki pastry has a different drying method, which due to the long duration of this method, in addition to better color and appearance, the price of this product is also higher than anari seed barberry.

Pofaki barberry goes through a different drying process. After harvesting the barberry bushes, the product is hung in the same branches as the raisins in a room and kept in a cool, dry place for a long time away from sunlight. Due to this process, pofaki barberry is marketed about 3 to 4 months after anari seed barberry and has a higher price than other types.

Due to the long drying process of pofaki barberry, the price of this type of barberry is higher than anari seed barberry and of course they have a better color and quality, but the originality of the goods is not different and the only difference is in how they are dried.

sun dried barberry available in whole stores. you can buy them in bulk. for more information and prices list contact to our expert sale.

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